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A list of services and approximate fees as of March 2012

We aim to please and so if the services listed below do not meet your needs, then please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Evening babysitting and occasional daytime childcare

Ideal for families choosing not to use a domestic helper for childcare responsibilities
Prices start at HK$180+ per hr inclusive of agency fees*
*minimum 4 hours per sit

Temporary /short-term assignments & Mother’s Helpers

Ideal for families who are newly arrived in Hong Kong
Prices start at HK$200+ per hr inclusive of agency fees*
*minimum 4 hours per sit

Temporary live-in childcare

Ideal for parents travelling for a short term period and leaving children at home
Please contact Rent-A-Mum for further details and package costs.

Permanent placements (over 25 hours per week and over 6 months in duration)

These services are ideal for parents who are both working.
Please contact Rent-A-Mum for salary quotes and further details

Maternity Placements &Maternity Troubleshooting (from newborn – 6 months, multiples)

This service is ideal for first-time parents, and/or mothers returning to work. Also for parents with other young children. In fact for any new parent who needs physical/moral support after the birth!
Maternity nurses are popular and are often booked many months in advance. We advise on at least 3 months lead time.
The short-term maternity placement is ideal for sleep deprived or incapacitated care-givers or for parents experiencing specific problems (troubleshooting) such as breast feeding or establishing routines.
Please contact Rent-A-Mum for further details on packages and fees.

Tutorials &Child-minding Tutorials

These services are ideal for families with older children who are in need of homework/studying help. Also ideal for families who would like to improve children’s English skills through play.
Please contact Rent-A-Mum for further details.

Agency Fees

Agency fee concessions are offered to clients using this service for 200 continuous hours or longer.
Discretionary discounts for long-term clients.

Transport costs

Transport or travel time costs pay be applicable dependent upon your location and finish time.